Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Offers

1. Where am I located? 

Perth, Western Australia. If you are based in the Perth Metro I can come to you for a consultation. Otherwise please don't hesitate to contact me via email or phone. 

2. Warranty

12 Month warranty

3. Do you offer a careplan?

I offer a free clean and polish service once yearly (inclusive of rhodium plating) with rings purchased from Renee Tania.

4. Do you charge for a design consultation?

No, this is a complimentary service.

5. What services do you offer?

Custom Jewellery, Cleaning and Repairs on all Jewellery. I also have diamond earring studs, bangles, tennis bracelets, chains and wedding bands available.

6. Do you sell Gemstones and Pearls?

Yes most definitely. If you have something in mind, please let me know and I will search for the perfect one for you.

7. How do I measure my finger size?

Please phone or email me and i can take you through the steps to measure your finger size. There are a few factors that are involved to measure your finger and depend a lot on the ring design you have chosen. Or if you need a finger sizer sent to you, this can be arranged.

8. What is involved in the design process?

I will draw a 2D sketch of your design of its top and side view. If you are happy with the design I will then go ahead and draw up a 3D CAD image for you to see all angles of the jewellery piece. It will then be ready for casting.

9. How long does it take to make my jewellery?

2 weeks from approval of design + postage time

10. Do you offer handmade jewellery?

Absolutely. If you would prefer your jewellery to be handmade instead of cast and finished, I can most certainly do this for you. Please let me know in advance as the cost will be different. 

Livadi Wedding Bands

Livadi Lifetime Promise: Livadi is committed to producing quality Jewellery without compromise. As part of that commitment, every creation is supported by a lifetime replacement guarantee against any faults in materials and workmanship.

Livadi Ring Size Promise: We understand that finger sizes can change over time. That’s why if within 12 months of purchase, you find that your ring doesn’t fit just right, we will replace the ring with a brand new identical ring at your size, at no cost.

Livadi Ring Style Promise: We also understand that peoples sense of style may change. That’s why if you fall out of love with the design, within 24 months of your purchase, simply exchange your ring for any other series ring to the same or lesser value, for a small fee.

Livadi Upgrade Promise: Or upgrade your ring at any time within 24 months of your purchase by returning your ring to me and paying the price between your ring and the more expensive ring, plus a small fee.

Workmanship: Every wedding band is hand crafted by a Jeweller with over 20 years experience.