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Welcome! I'm Renee, a passionate jewellery designer dedicated to crafting custom jewellery that reflect the unique stories and visions of my clients. With a focus on building meaningful relationships, ensuring customer satisfaction and ethical sourcing, my designs have been recognized by prestigious publications like Vogue Australia and Signature Luxury Travel. Explore and experience the artistry below.

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Get a Custom Design! No Obligations and 100% Free!

  • Step 1 - Start with a Gemstone or Diamond

    Head to the shop in the main menu to choose a main diamond or gemstone for your custom piece. All are ethically sourced from reputable suppliers. If you are not sure where to start, are using your own gold or stones, need a wedding band match or can't find what you're after, please contact me and I'll be happy to help.

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  • Step 2 - Discuss Design and Budget

    Once you have checked out you can expect a speedy email directly from me to then start you through the design process where we will discuss your goal and look you are trying to reach. If you are based in Perth, we can even meet up for a consultation.

  • Step 3 - Recieve a hand drawn Design and Quote

    In just a couple of days you will receive a hand drawn sketch of your design along with a quote. This isn't finalized till you are 100% happy with it. We can then move forward to the crafting stage.

  • Step 4 - Jewellery will now be crafted

    Once the design has been giving the go ahead, your design will then start coming to life through master craftmanship. First will be a CAD image and then on to casting, setting and polishing. You can expect this process to take between 3-4 weeks.

  • Step 5 - Receive your finished Jewellery Piece!

    Your beautiful Jewellery piece is now complete and ready to send to you via tracked express post. Get ready to be blown away!

  • Ethically Sourced

    All Gemstones and Diamonds come from reputable sources that focus on minimizing environmental impact and respect human rights. There is also a Lab Grown Diamond option which is eco-friendly and has an extremely low environmental impact

  • Our Mission

    To provide every client with not only their dream piece of jewellery to last generations, but also the best experience.

  • Try On Wax Model - For Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

    At Renee Tania, we know that buying online can sometimes make things hard and regardless of how great the drawing of the design is, picturing your finished ring can be difficult unless you can see it in person. So, if you happen to be in that predicament, we offer the option to receive a wax model of the design to try on for your peace of mind and make any last-minute changes. T&Cs Apply.

  • Unbeatable Prices!!

    Because I am an independent owner with no physical store and everything being made to order, this has allowed prices to be significantly lower than competitors. Check out our Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery to see for yourself!

    Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery 
  • Dion T

    I wanted to say thank you for our beautiful ring it is absolutely stunning. We had the idea of what we wanted but your knowledge and expertise is what I believe makes this ring priceless. We wanted a special hallmark to signify our love for each other and my love for her, and it says that and more! Be proud knowing the joy you have given so many. Thank you Renee.

  • Adele F

    Renee was recommended to me and what a beautiful lady. Nothing is too much trouble, even when we paid in installments. The design was beautiful, she just seemed to know what I wanted, although I still struggled to envisage my finished ring, but WOW... I could not be happier, its so beautiful and better than I could have ever imagined. The whole process was so easy and Renee was so communicative with pictures of the black diamond when it arrived. I can highly recommend this fabulous lady and I will definitely be back to use her services again for the wedding ring to follow. Thank you Renee.

  • Ebony T

    We cant recommend Renee Tania enough. Renee brought my vision of my stunning Engagement ring to life. I absolutely love it. Will definitely getting her to make our wedding bands.

  • Shandelle T

    Wow! Just WOW Renee Tania. Not only did you turn a few words into a masterpiece of jewellery. You were able to find the words I couldnt find in describing it. Tears are flowing at the moment. Again I am at a loss for words as to how much I adore my new one of a kind bangle. This bangle is above and beyond any image I had. Renee you are a true artist and should be applauded in every aspect! Thank you so much!

Lab Grown

Diamond Jewellery

Made to Order Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery at extremely competitive prices. Perfect for gifts or you can even spoil yourself. An Eco friendly and sustainable option at a fraction of the price of mined diamonds.

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Saltwater Pearls

Formed by living organisms inside the depths of the ocean. Pearls captivate beauty. Set into gold, their timeless beauty is enhanced. Check them out in our shop.

Saltwater Pearls


Mens Wedding Bands

At Renee Tania, we are very lucky to be a partner with Livadi. We have an extensive range of high quality weddings bands made of 100% Australian Gold all with a lifetime warranty on offer. Just choose your size and gold type.

Mens Wedding Bands